Mentor / Founder

The MBR Group’s Founder-Promoter, M.BABU REDDY, a veteran of real estate industry, has had a ringside view of the highs and lows of the infrastructure sector over Thirty Five years. If the initial years showcased his grass roots experience, the later years saw a flowering of his hands-on management powered by his vision and the old-world but eternal values of a strong work ethic, sincerity and a willingness to innovate on-the-go.

With the Group now foraying into multiple domains in the real estate, viz. industrial, commercial, residential, and hospitality sector, M.BABU REDDY increasingly relies on his top management, BHARATH BABU REDDY and SHARATH BABU REDDY, the next generation of the Founder’s family.

Though a home-spun entrepreneur, BABU REDDY has ushered in new perspectives and Best Practices to reach a global audience, ahead of the rest. Under his mentorship, the Group has always believed that quality is not only non-negotiable, but also a make-or-break corporate competency.

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