Team MBR

The Group grew along with the market, and then the market influenced its growth, today, the top management led by the two brothers and skilled professionals being a part of the group, aspires to grow the market and influence its growth.

In the beginning, the MBR Group’s focus was on infrastructure supplies, and meeting the market demand for bricks and bitumen. Today, it has made the transition and aims to build industrial parks, condominiums, townships, hotels, and corporate hubs.

Team MBR comprising highly skilled civil engineers, resource professionals and field experts have realized the Founder’s vision of adding a lot of bandwidth to the market, influencing its size and catering to a wide cross-section of consumer segments. In terms of balance sheet, bottom line, business model, size, and stature, the Group has upgraded.

Though expansionist in its growth plans, the Group has always pursued a policy of gaining the necessary expertise and experience before getting into multiple domains. The MBR GROUP has a highly skilled R&D team in place to incubate all Projects from concept to completion, till there is total clarity on all functionalities related to a successful commissioning of a Project.

MBR Group