Architecture Services


Over the 50 years since its founding, MBR Group has built a formidable and growing knowledge base in architectural design and design-build processes that is as vast as it is deep.

The teams at MBR Group combine high critical thinking skills and visual acuity, design intelligence and hands-on involvement in the design-build process. MBR Group treasures knowledge, intelligence and perseverance in learning, and these inform the firm’s work culture.

the focus has always been on design and the power of communicating through drawings.

MBR Group’s team a highly eclectic work style of knowledge building in allied fields, a workforce with core strengths in varied sectors and extensive client research and fieldwork. Therein, its strengths lie in its ability to leverage the clients’ position using the power of design knowledge.

MBR Group understands the transformative impact that architecture can have and all its work is based on this understanding as foundation.

The firm’s commitment to vigorous design review sessions and critiques has infused its designers with a shared sense of commitment to every project.

MBR Group