MBR’s choice of Bangalore for rolling out its Projects is by choice, and not chance. Going by parameters like investment scenario, physical and social infrastructure, business environment, real estate decadal growth, purchasing power and literacy, India’s IT City leads the growth wave.

The fast saturation of land in metros and the rapid improvement in the standard of living is steadily tilting the investing graph in favor of suburban areas in Bangalore. Land availability, lower land prices, a relatively affordable standard of living, reduced operational cost, economical lifestyle and other such advantages are the factors that make MBR Tech Park and Apparel Parks, a preferred destination for IT companies, in particular and businesses in general.

The other contributory factors are FDI interest, central business location no longer being a primary driver, BPO/off-shore outsourcing preference, proliferation of IT industries, MNC’s interest, attractive rental yield, risk return profile, lower operating cost, cost effectiveness and operational efficiency, unexplored potential and talent pool/skill availability, transportation facilities and significantly less traffic bottlenecks, better long-term returns, scope of townships and malls development, proactive governmental support, the burgeoning scope and popularity of hypermarkets, a harmonious environment, friendly ambience, state-of-art infrastructure, well equipped Telecom and connectivity and other infrastructure advantages.

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