Marketing – The MBR Way

Though in its fourth decade, the MBR Group believes that change doesn’t have to necessarily be a trade-off against heritage and cherished values. Simultaneously, with its formidable presence in the market today, the Group’s Projects are envisioned in a way to adapt to changes on-the-go and reflect its brand. The Group’s present forays are a game changer and it is ready to aggressively engage the market on its terms.

Right from the beginning, the MBR Group’s marketing strategies strived to be different and unique from the herd. Traditionally, companies in the real estate industry were sales-driven. The focus was on changing the customer’s mind to fit the product, the protagonists of the “any color as long as it’s black” school of marketing. In stark contrast, the MBR Group anticipated that the market would soon be consumer-driven, and so it innovated to customize the product to meet the customer’s needs, and embraced the “tell us what color you want” school of marketing.

MBR Group